Protected content page showing for full access subscribers

Hello wpmudev,

Great community and the membership plugin has some powerful features. I’ve got most of it figured out but stuck on one thing.

When someone gains full access (currently through a free subscription) – it only seems to be taking some Positive/Negative Rules into account. For example, I’ve added all pages, posts, menu, shortcodes, download, ect. (everything except admin) to the positive rules page. However, after logging into a user that has full access it still redirects me to the protected content page on about half of the pages that should be available.

It’s somewhat confusing in that the error happens on some parent pages and not others, and some child pages and not others. Please feel free to test this process out yourself at and the free account option has full access (All tabs in positive rules and all checkboxes are checked).

Then navigate to through the menu or using that link – it sends me to the protected page no matter what access level I’m on, even as a full site admin. Then for example one of it’s child pages works just fine: while another child page ( has the same issue as the parent.

I’m so confused! Any ideas? I’m happy to dive into code/edit files if needed, and should be able to find my way around if you can help me find where to look.