Protected Content Page when set to Front Page - Doesn't work!


First all I do have to say that the plugin works wonderfully well! The one issue I run into though is when I try to set the Protected Content Page to the homepage.

For Example: Under Setting > Reading: I have the the Front Page display set to a static page called 'Home'. Then under Membership > Options: I have Stranger settings set to 'None - No access to content' which would then force anyone who is not logged in to be pushed to whatever page I set under Protected Content Page section. I can set the Protected Content Page value to any page EXCEPT the page titled 'Home' (which is the static page I have set under Settings > Reading: Front Page Display).

I believe the issue has to do something with a conflict between the way Wordpress directs people to the homepage as well as a conflict with the way the plugin handles it's redirects.

I've tried setting a different page as the Protected Content Page then redirecting that page to the Homepage but that just results in a wonderful endless loop of redirection :slight_frown:

Any suggestions?

  • Kimberly


    Hi and welcome to WPMU forums!

    So I'm getting that you want to create a site that requires users to be members in order to see the homepage...correct?

    Why not just make the landing page a static page requiring new users to register and provide a login link for existing? You can always redirect where they go after login if you want to set a Homepage for members. I think this would be a much easier solution and accomplish the same end result: A landing that requires users to register or login, and a protected landing page for members once they enter the site.

    Hope this helps take some of the confusion out of it.

    If I haven't understood your issue correctly then please let me know and re-open this topic. Make sure you check "not resolved" or I'll miss it :slight_smile:



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