Protected Content Plugin - Cannot get how to set it up

I have uploaded the protected content plugin and read all the instructions you gave.
However, I cannot understand how to actually operate it - after setting up membership and restricted content.

My use case is simple.
I do not want to charge for membership.
I want to have different type of content to different type of membership.
I want the user to sign up as a member (is there are way for me to approve him before he is actually permitted to see the content? )
Thank I want him to go to a page where he can see all the link to the content that he is allowed to see .
I do not need to account page.

I do not understand how to structure that.
Please help / send me to the right tutorial - as your current ones are only for setting up the actual membership

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Heelee

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    The first thing you want to do is make sure all the content that you want to be protected (regardless of the membership level) is selected under Protected Content (1st screenshot).

    Then, on the Memberships screen, click Create New Membership and create each membership as Simple memberships.

    Once you click the Save and continue button, the next screen is where you grant access to the content that users on that membership should be able to see.

    The final screen in the membership creation process is where you set up the payment information. Simply ensure that the price is set to 0. Then click the toggle to set it to Free (2nd screenshot).

    Repeat that process for each membership you want on your site. You'll then see all your memberships appear on your register page.

    If you don't need an Account page anywhere on your site, simply don't include any links to it anywhere. Your users won't even know it might exist. :slight_smile:

    As for the page you want that contains links to all the content the user has access to, the simplest way would be to create a custom menu with something in it (it doesn't matter what). Then add that menu to a page using the Custom Menu widget. A plugin like this one would come in handy for that:

    Then create a custom menu for each of your memberships with only the content they have access to.

    Finally, in each of your memberships, set the menu rule to replace the menu you added to your page with the one you created specifically for that membership.

    The result is that when a user on membership "A" visits that page, the menu they will see is the one you created for that membership. Nothing else.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • Heelee

    Let me ask it in a better way:
    1. how can i upload users easily without them having to sign up? is it possible?
    2. when a user sign up - after sign up process he is redirected to a page - i want his to be redirected to a page with the menu you were talking about
    3. same thing I want to happen when a user logs in
    4. is there a way I can automatically set email to members when new content is posted/ updated in pages relevant to these members ?

    Thanks a lot again for your support

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