Protected Content Plugin Registration Form


I have set up a tiered membership protection by category
Free, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

When I click on an protected post it only asks me to log in. I saw in the past when I was initially testing the plugin that a big registration form used to show up. It included country, phone, address.

Now, since the form does not show up in the protected posts i have to click on Registro to see tha form but it is a smaller version.

My questions are:
How do I force the big registration form to show up?

I need to translate that form to spanish, where can I find the PHP file that I need to edit?

Is there a way to add/remove fields to the form?

Almost all support related to Protected Content I found on your site is for the Membership plugin, should we go for that one instead, as Protected Content is not well documented?

Please reply back to as I am the developer and I am logged in using the domain's owner account right now.

Thanks in advance.
Jose Chaverri