Protected content plugin: User can not see content

Hey guys,

It seems that some users can not see the content even though they have proper access. Example;
Username: Ryanweekly
Password: red123456

This user should have no issues seeing the content on the following pages:

But the content is currently showing as blocked. I tried changing around the short code. Example:

[ms-protect-content id="6048,6049,15009"]
[ms-protect-content id="6049,6048,15009"]

But still nothing. Keep in mind the "ryanweekly" user is just a user I set up to test out the reported issue. I made a user "ryanmonthly" (the password for that is red123456) that works fine on both of the listed pages above.

Kinda lost on this one. I have enabled the support as well.

Thanks guys!