Protected Content questions about account, memberships, and register pages


Here are my questions:

****Where do I find a place to give more explanation/details on your horizontal tables on the Memberships and Register pages?

1. On the memberships page

---There does not see to be a way to clear out the "Complete Payment" button if they have more than one selected. If they try to checkout and come back they could have all of them set of "Complete Payment" and also have a billed invoice for all of those. Is there a way to clean that up some or do you think it is fine that way?

---You have "You can renew, cancel or upgrade your subscriptions by using the forms below." Does the renew, cancel, and upgrade buttons appear there depending on the status of their account? Because, before they are a member, I don't have or see a renew, cancel, or upgrade button (since I am thinking about it I wanted to ask) . . . I will look into it more as well.

---Is there a way to add more explanation and perhaps show a nice looking and modern type pricing table showing features? If not, can I use a 3rd party pricing table plugin that will seamlessly work with Protected Content?

2. Same thing above with the Register page minus the part mentioning renew, cancel, and upgrade.

3. If they tried to checkout several times on different levels, they end up with several billed invoices. Is this the way it should be or is there a better way? I do like the idea of a automatically generated invoice before if they abandon the checkout. . . brilliant and nice! However, I am not sure about them having multiple invoices to be billed. Do you think maybe allowing them to edit and clear invoices only if they have not actually checkout would be good? I am not sure I have a answer but I generally like the auto-bill feature (just not multiple bills at one time). Perhaps you could have the system auto-detect the "last known checkout abandonment" and only you the last one for the billed invoice so they are not looking at a bunch of invoices in the Account and Memberships pages at any one time?

Hope this helps some on feedback . . .