Protected Content: Setting up Payment Gateway and testing site

I am configuring the payment option. I have the API Login ID and API Transaction ID, but I am not sure what the button field is for. I spoke to and they said that the button is for a Simple Checkout, in which case I wouldn't need the API Login ID or Transaction ID.

In all my tests, I show that because I am a system administrator, I have access to all content. When I try to use the simulation of logging in as a certain member, I can get a full list of memberships, but I can never get to the registration page to test the payment gateway options.

Is there some way around this? In one of your other plugins, there was an option to disable the administrator privileges for purposes of testing, but I don't see it here.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Robert,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for the question!

    The button field is just for the button text. So if you place in "Subscribe" the button text will be "Subscribe". Instead of hard coding the button text we let you decide :slight_smile:

    As for testing the payment gateways, I always open a different browser then go through the full process, select a membership, sign up, and pay. If you didn't want to bother with the registration part, then just manually create a user from the backend and login with it then test with that one.

    If you are not able to see your registration page then make sure that you are allowing registrations via:

    Settings > general. There will be a checkbox to allow anyone to register on your site :slight_smile: that needs to be checked.

    If it's still not showing up then make sure you have a page for the registration set via:

    Protect Content > Settings > General.

    Hope this helps Robert! Let us know if you still need any further assistance.

    All the best,

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