Protected Content shortcode not working

I have set up memberships and migrated all members from a previous site. I want all visitors to have access to content on the new site, with teasers to entice them to buy a subscription to access more content within an article. I have set up one page with shortcodes so that all users can see the first part of the content but only members can access the rest of it.

Unfortunately, the shortcode isn't working. All users who come to the site, whether logged in or not, can see the protected content. Not only that, but the protected section loses its formatting and appears in a strange monotype font.

Please give me a solution for this. I've spent many hours trying various options to get it working correctly, and I am out of time. The new site MUST launch soon without any further obstacles. As you can tell, I'm getting very frustrated. There seem to be no answers in your online support, and since there is no manual to refer to, the experience is even more frustrating.

Lastly, can you please email my web developer, Dawn Boyer, with your answer. Her email is I'd like to add this email to my account so that she can be kept up to date on support issues without my having to forward emails on to her.

I've attached two screenshots of the file: one shows the shortcode used and the other shows how the protected content is visible and changes font styles on the page. I have also given you access to the backend of the site.

Hoping for a quick and easy solution to this problem.

Thank you.