Protected Content Signup Form – Error Trapping

Protected Content does not appear to manage errors well (or at all) during signup form entry.

We use PC to allow users of the site the signup and gain free access to certain content. But, the signup form introduces several problems that I’m trying to workaround. When a user tries to register for a membership level (free – no payment collected), we are seeing the following:

Form fields are First Name, Last Name, Choose Username, Email, Password, Confirm Password. (all auto-generated by the shortcode from PC).

1) If the user mistypes the passwords (they don’t match) the form puts an error message in the field, but there is no way for the user to correct the mistake – the error message covers the field.

2) If the user chooses a username that is unavailable, the system does nothing – the form reappears, and the user has no way of understanding what the error is or whereto anything has happened.

Any thoughts on the simplest solution for this? Getting a bit frustrated and burning too much time on this.

Thanks – Jeff