Protected content - stop registrations

Hi there,

We are using the protected content plugin.
At one point during setup I saw an option along the lines of "We will just add new registrants manually / no not allow people to register on the site".

I can't now find where I can change that option?

The second issue. In fact I had a registration form for a free membership, but I don't seem to be able to have a verify this user step. So bots / people I don't want in there can register. I want to see a request for registration, and then approve it for instance. Again can't find this option.

I may be looking for things that are not there. For the time being I have switched registration process to gravity forms with the registration add on. But it would be great if this feature exists within the protected content plugin, and it was just a case of finding the option that I can't see currently.

Any help guidance much appreciated.

Many thanks