Protected content user issue after reverting to

Ok, so I had version installed, and I was going through the motion of finishing my setup and adding users through the search feature, which was working fine. I seen that we had to revert to some bugs, when I did I can now no longer add my users. This is a major problem for me as I was using membership and had the entire site set-up through plugins (2 years of posts and pages) I have site in maintenance mode right now, and I need to get it back up ASAP as I am losing business. Is there anyway I can get a link to pull back in just to add the users and then revert back to, I understand 4 had bugs, but the add user search worked. I seen a post that said .5 was coming possibly the next day but that was on december 5, so IDK what the status is of that. But I really am stuck between a rock and hard place right now, it's already bad enough shortcodes are having issues, but this literally breaks my site and I've done too much editing to the site to revert back to membership which i was using an older version of b/c I had members with multiple memberships and my version is having issues with new version of wordpress!