Protected Directory?

This is sort of an advice question.

I have a script that I want my bloggers to be able access and use, but I want to hide its functionality from the public. Since most of my bloggers are non-technical, I am making it available so that they can create their own custom images for banner headers.

My site is and the script is PHPBannerCreator by KubeLabs.

Essentially, all the script does is merge text into an image. This can be done simply without their script, but their system makes it easier for me to add some font selections.

Anyhoo, after all that rambling, my question is ... (drum roll here)

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to give my bloggers access to this script without including it in a "membership" area with the membership plugin?

Many thanks and all that nice stuff.

  • Mason

    Hiya Kirk,

    Neat idea. You'd really need this rolled into a custom plugin so that your users could make changes in their admin area and have it display for them on the front end (Like custom headers do now).

    I don't know what their code looks like nor how complex it would be to accomplish something like this.

    There's also a plugin that creates banners for wordpress and it DOES work with WP 3.0 and multisite, but you'd have still have to do some customization so that it shows in a specific place in your themes. Might be worth checking out though.

    Any other members have a solution for something like this?

  • Kirk Ward

    Thanks Mason,

    Didn't know about Ham's banner generator, so I took a look at it. I didn't see where I could create an inventory of backgrounds for bloggers to select from, where KubeLab's script does.

    I give my bloggers a set number of themes to choose from and I am generating header or banner backgrounds for them to choose from so they can have "their own look." So nine themes, and thirty banners to choose from ... or they can crate their own banner and use the custom header plugin without this script. I figure most will use this because graphics are too complicated for them and this will be a part of the service.

    Hope someone else has a suggestion.


    (Back in two days ... off until Friday, US Eastern)

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