Protocol for re-negotiated/custom billing in ProSites

I'm wondering if there is a protocol (e.g., easy steps to follow) to go about changing the billing of an existing ProSite customer to a re-negotiated amount, that is different from all the other customers. Basically, I want to match the price of a competitor for one of my full service monthly clients, without changing the monthly amount billed to my other clients. Also wondering if that is possible to do with annual clients as well (e.g., change the amount that one client is paying, without changing the amount that everyone else is.). Any ideas?

  • xbladerunner

    I hate it when that happens, as it seems to bury the post from others in the community seeing it and perhaps suggesting ideas/solutions.

    I was hoping that there might be a way to do this with the existing coupon functionality. Seems like it should work with annual payments, but you'd have to edit the coupon every year to get it to work, since it looks to me that the number of coupon uses would have to be set to 1 to prevent more than one client using it. Or am I misunderstanding that, if I set the coupon to never expire, will it continue to be applied each year?

    The monthly variation of this is harder, as the coupon can only be applied to one month as oppose to repeating months, unless I'm misunderstanding that as well? As I currently understand it, the only work-around is to have a secret coupon code (e.g., don't publicly advertise it, and don't even tell the client that it is being applied), and as such, leave the setting for number of uses set as unlimited -- so that it continues to be applied each month. Will that work?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi @xbladerunner,

    We try to help out our customers with every request that can be dealt with in reasonable amount of time but if it's something more complex we add it to our Features list and if it's something popular we try to implement it in plugin itself.

    As for the solution above, I don't believe that could work but what you can do is create new pro sites level only for that customer and then hide it from checkout page.
    Would that solution work for you?

    Best regards,

  • xbladerunner

    Thanks Predrag,

    I appreciate the idea, I hadn't thought of that one. I'll continue to tinker around and see what I can come up with. As for the new feature request, it seems implementation of this comes down to tinkering with the coupon code functionality, specifically tracing the code having to do with the "number of uses" of the coupon code. If that was functionally changed to "number of users", we'd have significantly more powerful coupon options, including the ability for custom billing.

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