Protocols for Asking/Answering a Question

I just signed up with WPMU Dev. Paid up for a full year of support. I ask a question. How long will it take for someone to get back to me? And then when the answer doesn't help, am I to expect that I can ask questions until my issue is fixed, or do I get pushed to the public support forum instead? Trying to figure out how this works, since my attempts the past two days have gone nowhere.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Gary,

    All questions are on a public support forum here. However staff are on different timezones too.

    If we take the CSS thread for example, my last response last night was at 23:21 my time, you then replied at 00:47 my time, I was in bed by then.

    Our system feeds us threads in order of oldest to newest, so they go into a queue, each time somebody responds on the thread it pushes it to the back of the queue.

    I don't come online till around 15:30 (UK time) so would not have seen your messages till then, however, the system ensures we don't lose the threads, but we deal with a lot per day and some issues take longer to fix than others and this can lead to some delays unfortunately, however we do try to respond as quickly as we can.

    Usually a quick reminder if there's a significant delay such as a mention in the thread by using @Vaughan for example will notify us by email.

    Hope this helps

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