Provide better MarketPress Statistics

A couple of days ago I got disappointed in the way MarketPress displays sales statistics. That's only natural 'cause it DOESN'T provide statistics. Just a sum of our orders in a text widget on our dashboard. So I created a feature request here and another one in this community.

I decided though not to wait and start developing it myself. After all, I always believed that the best way to get something done the way you like it is to do it yourself. :slight_smile:

The project is going pretty well and so far I've been posting my results in the feature request issue I created in this community: Feel free to read through it if you want.

But let's face it, few people look at feature requests and most times when they do they ignore them. So I'm posting it as an issue, hoping to get some other opinions and improve this, make this really good!

I'm developing on github so you can see it here or directly download it from this link:

I'm attaching a screenshot of the progress so far and hoping to get some opinions, or even better if you're a PHP Guru help out! This is a nice addition to MarketPress and needs our loving!