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I am setting up a mult-site membership site for my client. The client is not computer savvy. I want to make it easy for them to manager their membership site. What are your recommendations for setting up their admin account so that they don't get confused with too many options? I want to provide the instructional videos to how to use WP etc.

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    Hi michaelcoulter5,

    Probably a given, really, I think it's best to limit the use of plugins as much as possible and to avoid using plugins that may present any confusion in the interface.

    That said, the beta version of the Easy Blogging plugin is on its way, being available already in beta form in the following thread.

    While I typically think it's best to stick with the default WP interface, that Easy Blogging plugin really does make the interface much simpler in my opinion, something worth considering in handing a site over to a client.

    That said, if the site is Multisite based, you could always use the Support System plugin to provide support services, including a FAQ, within the admin area.

    Other helpful members here have also noted you can include the unbranded videos in the FAQs themselves, an easy to to provide the unbranded videos for your clients in that case.

    Support System only works with Multisite, so if this isn't a Multisite, I'm not really sure the best way to bring the videos to the user. Perhaps you could use the Custom Content Dashboard widget along with some custom jQuery tabbed panel or accordion?


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