Public Group with Content/Activity only to joined group members


Ive been looking top to bottom for an answer of this question, can't find it anywhere.

The problem: when a new user signs up to buddypress and groups that are set to public, they can already see the content.

All I am wanting to do is simply change something that ensures I can create groups with the public visibility however to subscribe to the activity feed the user needs to become a member to that particular group (like the private group but without a request to join required). It sounds like the fix would be small and simple however I cant find it anywhere, the idea is kind of like Facebook pages where once you like a page you subscribe to the updates.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hi Billy!

    Welcome to the WPMUdev Community!

    If you have Groups enabled in your Buddypress install you will see an option that will allow you to do just what you are looking for.

    Just navigate to your BP Groups page and click Add New Group, the second step gives you your list of group types. The Private Group should get you want you are looking for :slight_smile:



    If the above action did not result in the resolution or common end to this ticket then please feel free to come back here for comment. Just be sure you mark "Not Resolved" to re-open or we might miss it! :slight_smile: Thanks!

  • Ollie
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    Hi Kim,

    Yes it slightly what I am looking for however I need a slight tweak, it's probably only 1 or 2 snippets of code...

    I would like the private functionality however I dont want the user to need have accepted a join request in order to enable access to the content. More like they click join and they get the private functionality instantly?

    Any ideas?

    Many Thanks,


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