publishing articles to FB via Ultimate FB Plugin

I'm trying to publish an article to FB via the Ultimate FB plugin. It appears to be set up correctly as I see the Facebook Publishing option in my post within WP, however, it's not giving me any option to include any text when I share my post. I don't want to simply share a link, I need to accompany the link with some text explaining what it is, like "check our our newest article on so-and-so". Is that not possible? Or am I missing something? thanks!

  • Kimberly

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    Ultimate Facebook can be made to use the Open Graph info to send to Facebook but there is nothing out of the box that lets you control what each post is accompanied by.

    It will look for the meta, that is usually categorized by your theme. Have you tried to add an excerpt in the post excerpt meta box and see if it gets used on the post?



  • inkyj

    Oh, when I turned on the setting to use the OpenGraph options, I noticed the OpenGraph settings box on the right side of the post. There was nothing in the documentation saying this would appear, which is a bit disappointing. I luckily just happened to stumble onto it.

    Now i see where I can enter my own description, but I'm wondering, if I leave the rest of the options blank, will it simply use the default options?

    I see under the "Title" dialog box it says "leave empty to use post title", but I don't know what I'm supposed to put for "type", or "Custom OpenGraph properties", or if I can just leave them blank too.


  • Kimberly

    So sorry for the delay on this! I don't ever recall seeing a notification for your post after this

    Thanks for the reply. I'll play around with it tomorrow when I share the daily article to FB to see what happens with the excerpt. It's a bummer there's no way to test this functionality without it going live on the FB wall. Otherwise it takes a day between every test. Oh well...

    My fault :slight_frown: Please forgive me!

    Now i see where I can enter my own description, but I'm wondering, if I leave the rest of the options blank, will it simply use the default options?

    The default opengraph options? or the the default options as in what you have been getting all along.

    that link is where I first found the opengraph items when I tested. That was a while ago, so perhaps after I cook dinner and get back from the grocery I can put together a small tutorial for you or some examples of how it works?

    What are you wanting to show on your page exactly? So that I have an idea where to start?

  • inkyj

    Hi Kimberly, Thanks for the reply. I've continued playing around with this, Basically, where I am now is...
    I activated the OpenGraph option, and I saw the opengraph settings in my post. However, when we tried using the description field, FB still didn't take the description from there. So, I don't really know what those OpenGraph options are for, since FB doesn't seem to take them into account when posting an article.

    When I post an article to FB, the text next to the image is just the first sentence or so from the article, where as we wanted the excerpt. We also tried the excerpt field from within WP, but then found that when we bypassed all of this, and just posted an article directly from within FB, the comments we received on that post on FB still were actually transferred to WP. This is what we want, but it wasn't happening before, and I don't really know how that happened now because according to the help I received from someone in the support chat room, the comments should only be transferred if you post the article with the plugin, from within WP. Not if you post directly in FB.

    So, is it supposed to work this way? Can I just post directly from FB and have the comments populate into WP? Is there something about how I've set this thing up that I need to make sure doesn't change. Or was that some kind of fluke? I've only seen it happen once so far.

  • inkyj

    At this point, I think I'm going to just stick with posting articles directly from FB. I'm always hesitant to use additional plugins... especially ones that haven't been widely used and rated. Too many plugins often cause other issues. And to be honest, as an entirely separate issue, my site (and my entire server) is having some major slowing issues that are coming from this Ultimate FB plugin. I'm working on getting help with that, but I think I may just have to give up on this.

    Thanks for all of your help!

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