Publishing Known Incompatibilities

Hey guys, great job with the makeover (as with everything you do here). I just wanted to suggest a new "feature" for this site.

I see a lot of threads from people requesting support to resolve issues they are having with plugins. Often, those issues are due to plugin conflicts. However, these conflicts aren't published in the place someone is most likely to see them before installing a plugin--on the plugin download page.

Just as you have a "Compatibility" section that indicates the major "environments (???)" in which the plugin can run (Multisite, BuddyPress, etc.), you could add an "Incompatibility" section that keeps a running list of known conflicts. That way, if someone is using Plugin A and is about to download Plugin B, they can see immediately that other users have reported problems running the two plugins on the same install. Usually, we don't learn this until after we've broken something and are searching the forums for answers (or worse, creating new threads for issues that have already been addressed). You could even link the names of the incompatible plugins to threads describing the problem and any potential solutions/workarounds.

Seems like the type of thing that would make life easier for your customers and your support staff.

Thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work!

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hello nycwebworks,

    Thanks for the feedback on the new design, glad you like it.

    I see your point, it would be nice to have a list of in-compatible plugins, but here is what I think.

    1. All our plugins are compatible with each other in most use-case scenarios, so we won't be listing our products in the "Incompatibility" section. We are not very keen at listing third party plugins.

    2. Our end goal would be to be compatible with everything else and fix up any in-compatibilities. Usually developers incorporate fixes into the plugin, when someone reports something and when we know its critical. So again, listing them wouldn't make much sense. We would be more interested in fixing them in the next release.

    I will pass this on to the team and James, lets see what they think!

    Enjoy your sunday :slight_smile:

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    We're working on some new ways to get the most useful information from the forums together and easily available to folks when they are viewing a particular plugin or theme.

    I haven't seen incompatibilities between plugins as much as I've seen a desire for deeper integration between products. This is definitely a focus of ours for this year - creating greater communication between plugins.

    Most of the time, the incompatibility I see with plugins are when their intended functions are at odds or when they are meant to do the same thing (such as installing multiple SEO or caching plugins).

    Any incompatibility between our plugins and other very popular forums, we do our best to address. While we can't always guarantee it, our goal is to see as few of those as possible.


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