Publishing subsite posts into main site with WPMUDEV Plugins

Hi there, i've tried a few different plugins and widgets to see which one would best pull in information from my subsites into my main site, but none of them work particularly well. I was hoping that the post indexer would bring in the whole post, but using all the methods below, there is a part of the post where if I click on them they go to the subsite, but I have the privacy on there, so that then comes up as blocked. So I really need to display content not link to it if possible.

So trying out different options, most obvious one is Using as I can create own page. The CSS is not great on this and would really appreciate help getting this to look ok. There's a private page on my main site called "Member's Published Posts"
If you could help me with CSS on that one.
Access is open.

Also i've tried the global recent posts
This works ok but also links out to sites.
CSS is a bit out, see in the logged in Buddypress area (click Profile link on right).

The finally I tried the Live Stream as I thought that would look good.
But although it states that it uses the Post Indexer, it's only pulling posts from the main site not from the subsite?
Any clues why? It would be good to use that widget on specific pages. Aslo the CSS is a bit out. you can also see it in the logged in Buddypress section of main site.

Many thanks for help