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I know there are a couple of threads that come close to this, but not with answers that I have been able to use. On another multisite I used a plugin called something like WP MU Sitewide Tags. This created a blog that called in all the posts from all the blogs and posted them to the main site. These could then be displayed by category. But this plugin is a bit out of date and doesn’t work with buddypress

What I want to do on an arts community install is to display on the main site any posts that members put up on their sites about new work, exhibitions, workshops etc. These will be default categories in all the sites.

From what i have seen this looks to require a cocktail solution, but am unsure if there is a way to get the mix right.

  • guileshill
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    No sooner written than another thought emerged. Rather than categories as the base for this, which are vulnerable to change and might not carry the same id across all sites, would I be better to create some custom post types to go on each new site. Would it then be possible to call these onto the main site?

  • DavidM
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    Hi guileshill,

    I actually use Custom Post Types in a very similar way myself, created using CustomPress.


    And there’s a variety of ways to get that content to the main site, one of them being to use Post Indexer and any of its associated plugins.


    I’ve also used Autoblog myself for that purpose as well. While it re-creates the same content on the site pulling the content, there are various ways to get those re-created posts to link back to the original posts on the sub-sites.


    CustomPress provide an easy way to experiment with ideas, perhaps that’ll work for you?



  • guileshill
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    Thanks David. Now I have compared custom press with my level of understanding, I wish sitewide tags still worked! Looks as though I have some studying to do! I recognize that CP embodies a lot of the tasks that would make custom posts a real chore to set up, it still faces me with engaging deeper with WP than I have been so far.

    This must be a good thing, surely!?

  • guileshill
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    Would I be correct in thinking that post indexer effectively creates an internal feed that the other plugins can use. I have it set up presently and the widget is pulling all feeds from all blogs, which is not what I want at all but going in the right direction.

    With this, what would the fee URL be in autoblog?

  • guileshill
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    OK, now I need help.

    Post Indexer is up and working fine, capturing the new custom post types.

    Autoblogger seems to be working, creating feeds for the two new custom post types

    Recent Sitewide Posts is only displaying the normal post types and not the custom ones (as excpected).

    Created two custom types, both posts: Events and New Work, with related taxonomies Type of Event and Type of New Work. The taxonomies are set up to be fully public.

    The menu is offering the custom post taxonomies (set up as heirarchical categories so that a single menu entry should display all child categories, provided they are selected in the post) But it refuses to actually attach these to the menu. Select and hit insert into menu and it goes away and thinks about it but never does it.

    So it seems that everything is set up except the ability to actually see the custom posts drawn from the blogs. And I am stuck.

    See artsnet.co/news

  • guileshill
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    Further to this menu problem. I just discovered that it is only finding the custom posts made from the main site, not the blogs. So even if I can get it to add the taxonomies to the menu, it will not find those created by members on their blogs… which is only the whole point!

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