PWAL and Social little frustration....

Hi. We have boughr PWAL and then Social Marketing (we finally decided to work with this one...)
Only thing we are a little bit frustrated is because:

-We first buy PWAL plugin because we think that it helps us making our customer share our post on their Facbeook timeline in order to have access to a secret content.
After multiple test, we realizes that the plugin only permits customers to like (that appears on the facebook news feed, but not on their facebook wall)

-Then we find Social Marketing, because someone on the forum recommend as an alternative and it has the option to share the content on the facebook wall.
We download it, and now we realized that the content can't be hide (as in PWAL) but you have to put a download link or URL link..

Because we are offering a download link for multiple software and platforms we prefered the "Hidden version" because it permits to post different downloads with just one shortcode... Social marketing is forcing us to create another clone post with all the downloads and redirect the plugin to this cloned post with the secret content...

But then, the website URL can be copied and shared for free..

Is it there any plugin that lets you put multiple content on a post, then hide it via shortcode (as PWAL) and let you share the content on the facebook wall (as SOCIAL MARKETING)?????

We are really struggling in this aspect.... and we feel a lil bit frustrated....
Thank you in advance and sorry for all my inquiries.