Q & A Plugin before or after BuddyPress

Hi - I have young grandchildren scattered all over the world (Australia, South Africa, Canada, Sierra Leone) who are just beginning to gain writing skills, so I though I'd create a site to encourage more cross communication between cousins etc as well as better recording of the chieldren's intellectual development and interests.

Being familar with Quora and its moreishness, I thought a Q & A site would be better to begin with than more complicated social networking platforms. So I will be installing your Q & A plugin and calling it the Family Question Book.

But my question is - if I go ahead and create a family Q & A site and it is successful, how difficult will it be later to expand that into a BuddyPress site as well? Is it easy to migrate content from one to the other? Or should I install BuddyPress first and then add Q & A to it.

Basically the question is does it matter at all which is installed first?

Thanks, Gus

  • Gus

    Thanks Alex, but for me there is a big difference between the user experience of a Forum Site versus a Q & A site and I think I'll have a much better chance of getting buy-in from the kids with a Q & A approach.

    But your reply raises another question for me - on the WPMU Q & A Plugin webpage it signifies that Q & A is compatible with BuddyPress. Does this mean something different from BBPress integrating with BuddyPress? Could you tell me what the difference is, please?

  • Milan

    Hello @gus1,

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    First of all on behalf of all WPMU DEV team I heartily welcome you to our awesome community. :slight_smile: I wish you find all of your wordpress related question's solution here. :slight_smile:

    You are doing work for connecting family members. That's awesome Gus. :slight_smile:

    Now let me give you some brief intro about Buddypresss and Q&A.

    Think Buddypress as kind of social network plugin which give you most of all the feature which you can except from good social site. :slight_smile:

    We designed this plugin specially to let user create site like stackoverflow without any headache. :slight_smile: This is master piece if you want just question and answer like feature for your site.

    But if you want to let your family member talk with each other, private message each other, discuss something contextual in different groups then Buddypress is your way to go.

    Buddypress is fully solution if you want to create virtual social networking for your family members.

    Both plugins( Buddypress and Q&A ) are separate in their work and context so it won't make any different by which one you install first.

    Please test out both plugins and decide which one you want to go with. Or you can use both at the same time if you wish too. There should be no issue while both are activated on site. And if you face any issue we are here to help you out. :slight_smile:

    Enjoy WPMU DEV.

    Please let me know if there is anything else in which I can help you with. :slight_smile:


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