Q & A Plugin is Causing PHP Errors

Hi guys,
I'm currently running Q&A on a multisite install, and I need to be able to use Q&A on to of my network sites.

The problem is, since I can't network activate Q&A, when I try to install the 2nd instances of the plugin, it causes the my site (the one that the 2nd instance is installed on) to run at a VERY sluggish rate. And I get a multitude of php errors, such as: maximum memory limit of 1244232 bytes exceeded
exceeded max run time of (30 seconds)

And I also get 404 page not found errors on pages in my wordpress admin. Like the Pages, list for instance.

When I uninstall the 2nd instance, everything goes back to normal. This is a MAJOR bug, can someone please help me get this working?