Q For ProSites Developers: Creating login & blog with Gravity Forms, what to pass to Pro Sites?

Hey guys!

I'm planning to use Gravity Forms User Registration, and its PayPal Payments Pro Add-On to create the logins AND the user's blog - AND create the monthly billing subscription via PayPal Payments Pro.

The point is to create everything from one form, no multi-step process for our visitors.

Creating the login and user's blog already works great on my test site, now getting set up with PayPal to test the payment stuff.

I just need to somehow get this information from the Gravity Forms to Pro-Sites- so that Pro-Sites can then continue to bill the person via Paypal Payments Pro and manage their subscription.

So that's what I need help with... knowing what Pro-Sites PHP function to call to populate the right MySQL table rows for the new customer.

We can have Gravity Forms call a specific function or set of functions from Pro-Sites after it creates the account.

The question for the Pro Sites developers is - what specific functions do I need to call from Gravity Forms - in what order, and passing what data to them? :slight_smile:

We could also insert a row in whatever mysql table is required directly from Gravity Forms - but I'm thinking it's far safer to call the same function you guys do when creating the records.