Q: would it also revert per blog css changes?


If I create this template and make it default, but then I went ahead and created css changes per blog or other changes via admin, would it still get overridden when the template is updated?

Please clarify what controls this template has and the ability to edit per blog after this fact.



  • DavidM
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    Hi Jason,

    CSS changes would be made in your theme's template files, they wouldn't be available as options in the admin interface. However, any changes made to the CSS would carry over to whatever sites use that theme.

    New Blog Templates would save site options and settings, including plugin and theme options, but and not a theme's css.

    You might be able to use custom css on a per site basis with this by using a plugin, such as this:

    Hope that helps explain things a bit, let me know if you have further questions on it!


  • Jason
    • The Bug Hunter


    I appreciate the support but it seems to be conflicting. Maybe it is just me. Let me clarify again.

    So as I understand if I change the template, it would change the other sites base on that template. hmmm, let me see.

    1. IF i have a particular activated in a certain position and I move it to another location let us say in the same widget area, would this also update on all sites base on that template?

    2. If I delete that widget, it seems that it will be deleted on all templates. That seems clear. true?

    3. If I change the actual content of the widget, let us say it is a text content in a txt widget, would that specific content be propogated?

    4. How about settings like feedburners modules. Would those be copied?

    A. If on the actual sites base on the template, the theme gave an option to select different skins/preset styles, if I change on that specific site, would it get revvert automatically or if I updated the main blog template?

    B. when I create a new site, I guess it duplicates the CSS files into a folder? The design changes done on that actual site would it be reverted by main template?

  • Philip John
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    So as I understand if I change the template, it would change the other sites base on that template. hmmm, let me see.

    No, the template will only influence new sites - changes to the template will not be reflected in previously created sites.

    Therefore the answer to all your followup questions is no as well.


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