Q&A 1.0.3 – No Sense and bugs

Last update 1.0.3 was terrible.

Thats why,

It rewrite all plugin files and folders.

What that means?

I had language files that i translated to use this plugin in hebrew, and after update to 1.0.3 – the PO and MO files that i created was gone.

2) There is no sense for “Default_template” folder.

this one brings 2 questions.

* How to import own themes in this plugin without editing the core and default template files?

* After update all my changes that i did in “Default_template” folder was overwritten after update and again all my work was gone. So the question is how users may use this plugin with there websites and there own compatible design.

If its gonna overwrite all files and folders and delete the work that was done earlier its make no sense and this is problematic.

So the question is, how to create templates for Q&A that will not take an effect every time that updates released?