QA : a great substitue for bbpress – with some new features it will rock

Many of us are interested by having a forum on our websites,let’s just compare QA with bbpress

Both use custom post type

Both use tags and categories for custom post types

in QA You have the total control over css , bbpress has more plugins and widgets plus shortcodes

registration process is the same

in bbpress you can add topics , in QA you can add categories

you can use widgets, badges , reputation and … for both plugins

both are compatible with buddypress


QA just makes sense

easy to manage, easy to add contents, you can manage subjects by tags and categories, you have all controls for posting text , codes , videos, html …

easy to vote …and it’s easy to design and customize , you just copy the css in your own css file and copy those few template files in your own theme folder and you’re ready to rock

The matter of fact is that QA could beat BBpress with some easy add-ons , Let’s face it we all hate bbpress specially when it comes to template and design , it just doesn’t fit anywhere ,

Why not adding these features and get rid of bbpress for ever :

1-archive pages for users ( browse users by their reputation , number of questions posted, their answers, their accepted answers..)

2-add resolved icons in question archive pages in order to distinguish them from the rest

3-adding the ability of resolving questions by admins

4-the ability of changing Quaestion page permalinks in order to avoid main domain redirection in websites which are going to only use QA as their content generation system.

5-combine comment plus connection tools with QA in order to get rid of user registration process

6-optimize header for better title tags and H1 headings

I will add new ideas as soon as I dream again:grinning: