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I am trying to get Q&A and Membership to work togerther however I am running into a few roadblocks. I seem to not be able to define access for certain membership levels.

can you help me understand how I can set it up so that members can access Q&A but the general public can't


  • Barry
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    What type of rules do you have set up so far?

    What type of protection do you want? The QA plugin uses roles to define what users can and can't do, you can use the membership level role integration add on to assign specific roles to certain membership levels to restrict access in this way. Or for a slightly more advanced method, you could use URL groups to restrict certain urls / addresses on your site that the QA plugin uses.

  • Broniors
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    Hi ... Thank you so much for your help. I have found what I have done wrong. I had a user that was set up with Membership and 'should' have been set-up with subscriber access (so that they could write questions, edit questions, delete questions and read answers). I have fixed the membership for that user and the defining access level.

    I found that for that user that had membership access but not a user role it came up with sort of half capability. (they could see the list of questions and add questions but not see any detail). The No-Man's Land of Q&A.

    Looks great now! This is just perfect for the FAQ I wanted to put together!!

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