Q&A and Membership plugins together

Hi - I am trying to put your Q&A plugin behind a paid-for subscription using the Membership plugin.

I think I have all my levels etc set up ok (I only have 2 levels needed - one free/visitor and one paid-for). The only thing that needs to be protected and paid-for is the Q&A section of the site. I have tried a URL group being mysite.com/questions/ but when I do this it is correctly protected for visitors but for members it breaks the site with some sort of unresolveable re-direct.

I am also worried that if I fix that, I will only be protecting /questions/ and not all the pages in the Q&A section.

Effectively, I am trying to create a paid-for knowledgebase using Q&A and Membership... any suggestions on how I can get them to work together (I have browsed the community but can't find anything).