Q&A - Answer formatting?

I don't know if this is the same for all users of Q&A, it's not a huge problem, but it is formatting that could be better!

When I set my answers up to questions using this plugin - sometimes the best way to put an answer out is in the layout itself.

I like to break my answers down using bullets

      This makes it easier for the customer to read & absorb - rather than having it all pushed together!

      Problem is just that!
      It is all being pushed together & the bullets etc are not being removed from the HTML - there just simply not showing?

      It may be me, the plugin may just be set-up for simple text I don't know?

      But for our answers to be understood & broken down for our customers, then surely this is a vital cog in the Q&A engine that we are using?

      If it isn't can we make it so?
      Perhaps it is broken?
      Perhaps I am broken? (lol)

      Some feedback on this subject would be great :slight_smile:

      Adios amigo's