Q&A - Customizing the "Question Categories Widget"

Hi Q&A Plugin Developers,

The "Q&A Questions Categories" widget provided in your Q&A plugin works great! That said, I need to slightly modify the widget such that it displays only a subset of Question Categories. In other words, I would like your guidance in how to edit the widget so that i can control exactly which "Question Categories" are displayed in this widget. In my database I have 100 Questions spanning 10 Question Categories and I would like the "Q&A Questions Categories" widget to return/echo only 7 of my 10 Question Categories.

Let me tell you a little more about these inclusion/exclusion goals of mine...

I do not want to HARD-CODE some filter for which Question Categories are considered and which are not considered because this won't be scalable as new Question Categories are inserted into my database.

Exclusion goals:
Assume that I have added a custom widgetized area within the single-post.php file of my theme and that I plan to run your "Q&A Questions Categories" widget within this custom widgetized area. Now assume that I need your help in figuring out how to modify your "Q&A Questions Categories" widget such that it filters/excludes Question Categories based on some property of the single-post.php file that the user is viewing. For example, imagine that the user is viewing a single post. That single post may have a standard category assigned to it. Assuming that I can display your "Q&A Questions Categories" widget in the single post view of my theme, I am wondering if its possible for us to filter/exclude Question Categories echoed by the widget based on some property specific to the Post that is being viewed.

Some supporting questions:
-Is there a way to associate a "Question Category" with a standard wordpress Post Cateogry?
-Is there a way to automatically sync all standard wordpress Post Categories with your "Question Category" so that whenever i add a new Post Category to my website you also add a "Question Category"

I expect my users to view individual posts on my site and i want your widget to show them (on the single-post.php view) the questions from Question Categories specific to the post category. The difficulty that I've experienced is that "Question Categories" are not synchronized with wordpresses' standard Post Categories.

I would love to work with a developer on this. It may involve more than just minor changes to the function widget( $args, $instance ) within the qa/core/widgets.php but i'm not sure!