Q&A defult theme used on WPMU

I would like to use the same styling for the Q&A plugin as seen on wpmudev.org….The style and color is completely off. Please look at the screen shot that I took. I just want to use the simple, clean look that is provided on this site.

  • Alexander
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    Hello again,

    Oh wow, yeah that’s no good. It looks like some styling is either not present or misapplied. Would you mind sending me a link to the site so I can look at the form?

    If you’d rather not post it here you can send it via the contact form: https://premium.wpmudev.org/contact/ (just mark to my atttention and include a link to this thread)

    One thing to note, is that we actually don’t use the Q&A plugin for our support on WPMU DEV. The forums are powered by bbPress, and the Q&A page is a custom built form to direct questions to the appropriate forum sections. We also can’t provide the styling we used on that page.

    I should be able to help make it look a bit nicer and see what’s off about the stylesheets, but if you want an entirely different look, we won’t be able to design or build it for you.

    Best regards,

    Alexander Rohmann

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