Q&A email notifcation

what's going on here?

when i ask a question, and after its published, the option underneath the submit button for "email notification" is not present.

however when i look at another users question...the option is present.

isn't this counterintuitive? please help us to make sure that option is present for all questions.

also - how do we edit this text or place an image in front? is in the php or css or both?

thank you.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi raeleenherrera,

    The subscription option is only available for other's questions as you've noticed and I believe it has to do with it auto-subscribing you to your own questions.

    The subscription link is output from line 38 of single-question.php but the actual function that display the subscription option is on line 239 of template-tags.php. And the edit would involve php as opposed to purely a css edit.

    Hope that helps!

    - David

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