Q&A Installed, no pages, doesn't work

I installed Q&A and followed all directions. When I go to mysite.com/questions/ask I get redirected to the about page. No question page, and no question/ask page exist. How so I add pages, and what shortcodes do I use for each one?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Russel,,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your question!

    Have you set the capabilities for the user roles? If they don't have the capabilities to view/ask questions then they won't be able to see those pages.

    I have attached a screenshot to illustrate :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps! If not, post back and we'll continue to troubleshoot this with you.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

    All the best,

  • Russell

    Hello Tyler,

    Thanks for the super swift answer!!

    I had set them, but when I looked at the capabilities again only the visitor had any capabilities. When I set them, I went to the next role without saving - hence all were blank! Now that I've set them and saved, it is working.

    I think it is worth mentioning that when you set the capabilities for the roles the settings must be saved before setting capabilities for the next role... Or perhaps have the roles and capabilities in a matrix where all can be set on one screen?

    Really appreciate the help.

  • Tyler Postle

    No problem at all Russell!

    Thanks for your feedback on that, I totally see what you mean there, kind of a poor UX design on that part - we have been re-vamping a lot of our plugins and of course releasing some new awesome ones recently :slight_smile:

    If you have checked out Protected Content, CoursePress Pro, and/or Jobs and Experts then you will see the direction we are going with our UI/UX.

    I'll pass your feedback on to the dev! All on one screen is definitely one option.

    Glad it's all working now. Let us know if you have any further questions.

    All the best,

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