Q&A Not Working As Described

Please see my site, mysme.com

Try the "How to do" category at the top.

There is a question, and I have answered, but the answer is not showing up.

The question is posted by "cally" and is answered by "Cardinal"

I thought it is supposed to work out of the box???

Please prove this on my site with 1 question and 1 answer and I will look at how or what you did to get them appear.

  • jovi

    I am using this on a new website now and it is working fine. However, my dashboard is quite cluttered and I do not wish to install additional WPMU dashboard.

    Well I paid for the use of the plugin, and that is all I need. If I need to find updates, I would prefer to come on my own to this website.

    If I don't install the WPMU Dev in my dashboard, there is this red message above and it is very very irritating considering that we paid for the script.

    Please remove this.

  • PC

    Hello Jovi,

    Thanks for your post.

    If you want to completely remove the notice and NOT install the Dashboard plugin you'll have to manually remove the code from the actual plugin itself.

    Before doing this though, we'd really encourage you to think about it as the dashboard plugin allows for automatic updates, for you to post questions directly from your own dashboard and for us to let you know if there's anything you should know about like a security concern, etc.

    All messages/updates are limited to the user-role that installs the plugin so it would never be something visible to a client or someone else who may use the site.

    Anyway, the code is all yours so you're free to do what you like with it, but the Dashboard plugin has been very popular among a lot of users.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • jovi

    HI, I am sorry for the "rant". but I just migrated my site to WP, trying to solve the 404s (thousands of them), and migrated to new VPS with low memory issues.

    Appreciate if you can let me know:
    1) Which file and line to amend to remove the reminder?
    2) Which file to add a side bar to the question page.

    I understand the intent of the dashboard, but please allow us the option and freedom of disabling it. Actually none of the free plugins does that, we always have the option.

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