Q&A not working..tried many times

The Q&A script has not worked well at all on my website since I bought it. I have spent several hours and I just dont want to spend any more time on the script. Here is what it does:

1. Once plugin is activated, question menu shows up..I go to settings, save everything...then go back to
check the page...I see columns all messed up...I dont ahve any time to fiddle with CSS when all other pages are working fine...Then in IE the script will open, but on chrome it hangs up with redirect loop...At least thats how I have it right now...background color of the page is all messed up..
2. Second issue..when I go back to check the question settings in admin..everthing but the settings dissapear..only the settings submenu shows up..Then I deactivate the plugin and activate the plugin..nothing.same problem..then i delete the plugin and reinstall..it comes back..all the menu..then same problem again over and over..

At this point, you can see the healthalamo.com/questions page yourself..However, the question menu only has settings submenu...

We like this theme..it works fine for everything...so at this point I dont plan to change the theme since that could be the mai reason for whatver is happening...