Q&A plugin - Help with Archive page, featured questions

Hi Guys,

Just signed up for a membership. Was wondering if I could get some assistance with the Q&A plugin.

Here they are:

I need to add questions into an archive page of my site. Right now nothing shows up when I visit site.com/archive-questions. Am using the twenty twelve theme. Also I was also wondering how to do it so if the question is in the archive then it doesn't appear on the main questions page?

I need to have a featured question for each category, is this possible? So if you go to the category page the featured question and a snippet of the content from that question will always be on the top and then the list of all other questions. Can this be done, if so could I get some help please?

Is it possible to rename "questions" to something else in the admin area. I've managed to do it in the url but can't seem to change it in the admin.