QA Plugin Improvement Needed


I wrote a suggestion about 2 weeks ago regarding the Q&A forum plug-in. My thought is that in order for the plug-in to reach its full potential, there must be a mechanism whereby a moderator can approve questions before they're posted live. I mentioned a concern, that I'm seeing currently on my site, where a spam question can be asked with a fake or spam e-mail address. While this is certainly a concern, I am currently encountering a similar albeit milder problem with the plug-in. Spammers can write nonsense or write a question about sex ( inappropriate because I have a legal site) and send it to all my users by clicking submit. They don't need to register to do this. Sure, the question does not get posted to the live site, but it goes out to my entire group of attorneys who are registered on my site which dilutes my brand considerably and also undermines the credibility of the Q&A piece of the site. There really needs to be a programming adjustment so that only approved questions go out to the users via e-mail. If this could be implemented, I believe that the sky's the limit for this plug-in.