Q&A Plugin - Msut users be logged in to create questions? And...

I want a Q&A page on two of my sites. I like the layout of the Q&A plugin, and I like that it integrates with my WordPress sites' themes. But, and yeah, call me awkward, I want to keep registration for my WordPress site disabled so I can continue to block access to WP scripts that bots and hackers try to use to gain access to WP sites.

So, can Q&A work without requiring user registration or can it be edited to use its own user base?

Also, and this might be theme related, while testing the plugin, I opened the Q&A page in a different browser to the one I used to log into my WordPress site then I created a new subscriber user to create a test question. After creating the question I noticed the poster's name was my site's admin name not that of the subscriber user.

To check what had happened, I created another question for the subscriber user. Again, the username was not the subscriber's own but was my own admin name.

I created a third question but this time examined the post page a little better. In the backend of the site where the question was written, I scrolled right to the bottom of the page. Sure enough, I (as the subscriber user) was able to select the name under which I wanted to post. Bear in mind, I was logged in as two different users in two different browsers so this option to select the posters name should not have been present for the subscriber (and I was definitely logged in as the subscriber for the browser used).

Has anyone else noticed this quirk?

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi DDV,

    Q&A isn't really designed for use by non-logged in visitors, though you could potentially provide a free account that anyone could log into to post questions and answers.

    There's just not a way at this time to allow for logged-out users to post though.

    Not sure if it would help, but the Ultimate Facebook plugin has a login/register through Facebook option that would rather bypass registration issues that would allow bots entry.

    As for that quirk, it's definitely a strange one and I've not seen anything like that reported thus far. What versions of WordPress and Q&A are you using?


  • DDV
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks David. I've opted to use an external Q&A script for the time being (Question2Answer). Just need to get to grips with the way the themes are designed.

    Logging in through Facebook is not a bad option. Would be nice if Q&A login worked in a similar way to Disqus and LiveFyre.

    For the second part, I'm using WP 3.3 (non multisite) with a Genesis theme. The version of Q&A was "Q&A - WordPress Questions and Answers Plugin" release 1.3, premium.

    Thinking back, I created the subscriber account when prompted by the plugin post writing the question. Maybe that has something to do with this peculiar behaviour.

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