Q&A plugin needs (all your plugins) need overhaul

Congratulations WPMU on your recent acquisition by Automatic! Your business model, slick website interface, and slam bam thank you mam online marketing -storming the internet (I don't think I can Google the word "plugin" without finding one of your blogs) all this has paid off for you and I am glad to see that.

Now its time to get your plugins up to snuff. Myself and every other members here have just been waiting patiently till your 'product' can catch up with your fantastic marketing.

The constant custom patches to WPMU vulnerabilities and lack of efficient functions and features have grown past tiresome and on to destructive. If we cannot sustain our communities we will have a difficult time sustaining yours.

I believe in you and hope that this lag in effort towards improved product (plugins, themes) is just a symptom of a new release of software coming soon after going through rigorous quality assurance to be sure it is at equal level to robust premium plugins available on the market for a margin of the WPMU membership cost.