Q&A Plugin - Questions URL structure

Hi Guys,

Got a question about the URL structure for the Q&A Plugin. Hopefully someone can help me out. Would really appreciate it.

I've managed to change the questions url a bit with the following:

define('QA_SLUG_ROOT', 'topics');
define('QA_SLUG_CATEGORIES', 'questions');

So for example currently if you go to http://www.sitename.com/topics/questions/category-1/ that shows all questions in category-1. But when I click any questions in category-1 the url changes to http://www.sitename.com/topics/this-is-question-1. I'd like it to retain the category in the url so its http://www.sitename/topics/questions/category-1/this-is-question-1.

Can someone help me with this please.