qa pro plugin update 1.0.7 breaks tabbed navigation in Chrome

Hi, Just wanted to point out that the v 1.0.7 update breaks the tabbed navigation w/ the "Questions" "Unanswered" "Ask a Question" tabs. The

  • 's just don't appear in the div for some reason. Anyways, reverting to 1.0.6 fixed the issue for us but we're now 2 point revisions behind the latest release. Attached is screenshot. Pages generated by the updated versions render properly in FF & Safari - only problematic in Chrome. Confirmed that bug exists in both 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 versions of QA Pro plugin on WP 3.3.1. thx
    • scrollinondubs

      @timothy - 1.0.8 is susceptible to the same bug (I tested both 1.0.7 & 1.0.8). I don't know if @aecnu is part of your support staff but he claims earlier in this thread to have reproduced the issue. It definitely works fine on 1.0.6 release and is broken on both 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 versions.

      @Mohanjith yes it's definitely still an issue. We hired a developer/designer to make a custom WP theme. Not sure if he based it off the default WP theme or not but you can see it in action on I have a test instance running to which I can give you access but for some reason it's running the 1.0.6 version of the plugin currently and the plugin manager doesn't offer an option to upgrade automatically to newer version... happy to help troubleshoot this if you want to chat and get credentials to our testing server. skypeid=scrollinondubs


    • scrollinondubs

      Timothy, best thing would probably be to give you guys a private duplicate of our production site running somewhere temporary like on EC2. We use Backupbuddy so it's fairly easy to clone and spin up new instances. I would need to delete all sensitive user information first if you need admin access to the db but this would allow you to see exactly what is going on and tinker as much as you like to see the upgrade process break it first hand.

      We've not done anything fancy to it. RE: your question about our developer coding to the plugin- not sure answer to that. it worked under v.1.0.6 and broke on upgrade which I would not expect since we didn't alter the core v. 3.3.1. Our live site is running the latest release of WP and we've reverted the plugin to the last working version which was 1.0.6. This isn't a hyper-critical issue for us and it would be a few days before I can allocate time to help you guys troubleshoot. We're okay w/ the old version for now since it works fine so if more people aren't reporting this bug we'll sit on it for now and tackle it when we can afford to devote time to it. thx for your help

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