Q&A problem with transfered data to the database

When my site was in Joomla, I would use easydiscuss as a Q&A platform.

Since I moved to wordpress and installed Q&A, I tried to transfer the questions and answers data from the easydiscuss table to the wp_posts table where I noticed that the Q&A questions are stored.

This manual transfer has been for a large part a success. I can see the previous questions at http://www.pcsteps.gr/questions/, and I can also see the all the questions and the answers (around 800 items) in the plugin's backoffice menu.

Where I have failed miserably is connecting the questions to the answers. All the 185 questions currently at http://www.pcsteps.gr/questions/ were previously answered, some of them multiple times.

I can see the answer posts in the plugin's backoffice, but they neither show on the site with the questions, nor can I access the questions by typing the url (it just takes me to the queston, eg. http://www.pcsteps.gr/questions/%CE%BC%CE%B5%CF%84%CE%B1%CF%84%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%80%CE%B7-%CE%BA%CE%B9%CE%BD%CE%B7%CF%84%CE%BF%CF%85-%CE%B1%CF%80%CE%BF-win-6-1-%CF%83%CE%B5-android/#answer-10890)

Even though I was extra careful to appoint the correct post_parent and make the proper guid ending in #answer-ID, nothing seems to be working.

Does the plugin use another database table for the relationship between questions and answers?

Any ideas on how to proceed?