Q&A Still not working, little response here.

After purchasing the MPMUDEV membership solely for the Q&A plugin, I am still unable to get it to work. I asked a question earlier this week, and received a reply that in no way helped me fix the problem. My follow-up question went unanswered.

So once again, my problem is:

Going to http://accroya.com/questions/ask/ and attempting to ask a new question as a non-registered user takes you to a screen with a bunch of error codes. The question gets posted but the user doesn't get registered, and the only apparent navigation is to go back. Going back, however, takes you to the form you just filled out. This is obviously not working properly.

The frustration I feel and lack of follow-up responses are not a good way to start my paid experience here, yet I'm hopeful that the second time is a charm.