Q&A: Subscribe to question email not sending properly formatted text

When I subscribe to a certain question I do not get proper emails when the question is answered.

The subject line of the email misses the topic.

[SITENAME] New answer on "" <--- "TOPIC IS MISSING HERE"

I also can see the html code:

<a href="http://SITENAME.com/members/NAME/q-and-a/">NAME</a> added a new answer to <a href="http://SITENAME.com/questions/QUESTIONTOPIC/">QUESTIONTOPIC</a>:


To manage your subscriptions, visit <a href="http://SITENAME.com/members/admin/q-and-a/">your profile</a>.

The last line brings you to the q and a buddypress panel where you can see all your questions but not the questions you are subscribed to, so its simply wrong to send users there.

Is there any way to fix this? Enabling users to subscribe to questions is crucial imo.