Q&A Subscribers cant vote if answer was useful.

I want to allow regular Subscribers (registered) to be able and vote.

A person posts a question

Someone answers it

The ASKER cannot click the Up arrow, only the Check Mark.

No one can click the up arrow accept admin and Contributor (all iv tried that worked)

Whats the point of the rating/up arrow if regular subscribers cannot vote?

Thank you

  • mrmikeman
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    ahh i see….. in the Settings for Q&A there are all those check boxes, i was thrown off because it didnt make sense to me, some of them say

    Can View Questions… but. anyone can view questions, even non registered people, so by default, and from what i see, anyone and everyone can VIEW the questions, theres not even a setting to disable that because anyone can just go to site.com/questions/ and bam, they are viewing the question..

    but, but checking View answers, this lets subscribers Vote with the up arrows, which is weird cause like i said, anyone can View.. shouldnt this check box be

    Can Vote Questions and

    Can Vote Answers…

    very strange.. at least i am :-p

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya mrmikeman,

    It sounds like it’s now working for you, is that correct? I’ve pinged the developer here to see if what you’ve experienced is the intended scenario. I believe if those boxes are not checked (View Questions and View Answers) then they shouldn’t be viewable for that user role. The fact that they were not checked but still visible is odd.

    We’ll take a look. Thanks for your feedback!

  • mrmikeman
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    it is, but i am still confused. :slight_smile:

    a person goes to my site, (not registered)

    They can view the questions and answers.

    They cannot Ask, or Answer questions, (Until they register)

    A newly registered user (Subscriber)

    Can also View questions and answers.

    Can Ask Questions.

    But ALL check boxes are UN-Checked. yet can still view, ask answer questions.

    so, now i want anyone who is registered to view,ask,answer, which essentially means so far this is fine, it just doesnt make sense to have these check boxes when Some of them dont seem to actually do anything.

    if youed like to register and check it out go for it, default New members are Subscrbers, and in the settings All check boxes are NOT checked

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