Q&A Template Issues

The plugin page says that I can customize the template files by copying them into my theme directory, but when I do that the pages don't load at all. Safari isn't showing any errors, it just comes up with a blank white screen.
For now I've just edited the files in the plugin folder to get it to work but that's going to be a pain to keep updated.
Also, the single questions don't seem to be using the single question template, it looks like they're using the single post template and I'm not sure why, but it's showing a comment box instead of an 'answer' box and I've made sure that subscribers and administrators both have permission view/add questions and answers.
When I try to add an answer through the WP backend, it hangs. The site I'm testing it on is here http://test.zestra.com/questions/ask/. Any insight you can provide would be much appreciated.