Q&A theme adapting

the url is : http://www.outdoorhaber.com/sorucevap

the problem is: you should put warnings like "good knowledge of css required in order to get this plugin working" , "if you don't have css skills, you must hire someone else to get Q&A working with your theme" I am not joking.. I am serious. I am completely dissatisfied with it.

the real problem is: I don't know css. All I do is tweak things which I don't have any f*ing idea about.
I use Aggregate from elegantthemes.
The "usable page width" of Aggregate is 960 px
The "Q&A content width" of Aggregate is 634 px
The "Sidebar width" of Aggregate is 322 px

In the Q&A settings page, I adjust these numbers as advised.
Then I hit "save"
The result is far from satisfaction !

In the same settings page, after not getting the result I want, I also click "estimate additional css rules"
The result doesn't change at all.

I tweak numbers, things, etc.. but nothing happens.

If I was a coder, a genius perhaps.. I wouldn't buy a plugin, I would write it myself.

When I read this https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/qa-wordpress-questions-and-answers-plugin/ I said to myself, it will take 30 minutes to set everything up.

Please. Please don't suggest me to hire somebody else to tweak css. If you have mentioned about hiring someone else https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/qa-wordpress-questions-and-answers-plugin/ here, I simply wouldn't buy anything.

Now how can you help me? I need to adapt/embed this plugin into my theme.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    hi @cagatay

    thanks for posting & welcome to the community.

    Unfortunately, i don't know that theme at all.

    the estimate additional css rules is just a guide. because all themes are different you may need to tweak a few widths here and there. If everything was perfect in web-design out of the box without requiring any modification whatsoever, then every single website would be exactly the same. unfortunately, we can't cater for everyone or every different type of design or theme, therefore we make it as easy as possible to customize yourself, for those that can't code or do not want to learn to use CSS, you are only left with 1 other option, which is to find someone to do it for you.

    ie due to margins & padding etc. you might need to reduce the content width or the sidebar width etc. it's difficult to tell you what to change as you didn't say exactly what was happening. if you could post a url to the page or at least some screenshots we good give you some pointers.

    CSS really isn't that difficult once you get used to it. & you don't need to be a genius to work with it, as long as you know how to use google.

    i would highly recommend http://www.w3schools.org 1 of the best free sites for learning CSS/HTML/PHP on the net & many experienced coders still use sites like that to refresh their memories.

    another great tool to use is firebug addon for firefox browser, it's a mandatory tool for web developers.

    hope this helps. if you require any further assistance, please let us know.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    sorry, it's w3schools.com

    though i'm still awaiting screenshots or a direct link to the page itself to see what's exactly happening. i can maybe help you or give you a pointer, but i need to be able to know & see what's going on. you still haven't explained why it's not looking good on your site.

    if you need any futher help, then please let us know.


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