Q&A to Specialist and Notification

Hi guys!

I haven´t installed the plugin yet, but I would like to know if can you add some functionality (willig to pay for it if it is necessary).

We want it to be possible for users to ask questions directly to specialists or experts of different areas. These specialists would be other buddypress users which need to be notified when someone asks them a question.

Also we want only these specialists to be able to reply to the questions they receive, and that the user that originaly asked the question, to be notified when their question is answered, just like on this forum.


  • Kimberly


    Hey and thanks for being a WPMU member! :slight_smile:

    I'm looking around at the plugin and I'll tell you what I'm seeing in regards to your questions:
    (I'm not very familiar with it, but I think you and I can work this out)

    There seems to be alot of control over user settings which means you can control the capabilities of the "q's" ( post questions only) and the pros (post answers) attaching a screenshot. So you can definitely get that accomplished.

    But, unfortunately, out of the box it will not do what you are asking. You can always post to the jobs board to see if there is a developer to help you out with creating what you need! We are always glad to customize and if your idea gets enough interest it may just turn into an update :slight_smile:


    Please let me know if I can offer anything else!



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